The Vsauce Soundtrack Vinyl: Spin Science to Sound

The Vsauce soundtrack composed by Jake Chudnow, including popular tracks such as ‘Moon Men’, ‘Going Down’, and ‘145 (Poodles)’, plays a pivotal role in the educational storytelling, enhancing viewers’ curiosity and intellectual engagement.

The Vsauce Soundtrack Vinyl: Spin Science to Sound

Key Takeaways

  • The Vsauce soundtrack composed by Jake Chudnow, including popular tracks such as ‘Moon Men’, ‘Going Down’, and ‘145 (Poodles)’, plays a pivotal role in the educational storytelling, enhancing viewers’ curiosity and intellectual engagement.
  • In 2024, Vsauce and Jake Chudnow released a limited-edition vinyl record collection of the iconic Vsauce soundtracks, which sold out quickly due to high demand, highlighting the strong connection fans have with the Vsauce brand and its music.

The Dynamic Duo: Michael Stevens and Jake Chudnow

Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens: The Mind Behind Vsauce

Since 2007, American educator and entertainer Michael Stevens has been paving the way in the realm of educational YouTube content. What started as a channel focused on video game-related content eventually morphed into a platform covering a wide range of educational topics, from science to philosophy to culture, through engaging videos.

Series like ‘What is the speed of dark?’ and ‘How much money is there in the world?’ have significantly contributed to Vsauce’s popularity. With over 21 million subscribers and a whopping 3.69 billion views as of January 2024, it’s safe to say Vsauce has made an indelible mark on the YouTube landscape.

Stevens regards Chudnow’s music as the cornerstone of Vsauce, providing an essential auditory dimension to the storytelling and exploration of deeply intriguing questions.

Jake Chudnow: The Musical Maestro

Jake Chudnow composing music
Jake Chodnow

As the composer of the iconic Vsauce soundtracks, Jake Chudnow’s musical brilliance has crafted a distinct sound that enriches the educational content. His music has also found its place on various other educational platforms, testifying to its wide appeal.

The collaboration between Chudnow and Stevens underscores their unified vision. This symbiotic partnership has resulted in the creation of the memorable Vsauce music that fans all over the world have come to love. Chudnow, an English YouTuber, electronic music producer, and filmmaker, has created a distinct ‘ethereal’ aesthetic that has become the defining auditory experience of Vsauce.

Exploring the Vsauce Music: From "Moon Men" to "Scroll for Details"

Vsauce music exploration

Jake Chudnow’s Vsauce music collection extends beyond mere soundtracks, serving as an emblem of curiosity and learning. Hits like ‘Moon Men’, ‘Going Down’, ‘Hydrogen’, ‘Shona’, and ‘145 (Poodles)’ have become trademarks of Vsauce. Each track takes listeners on a sonic journey, amplifying the educational content in a way only music can. The aim of the collaboration between Chudnow and Vsauce was to create music that not only entertains but also stimulates intellectual curiosity, encouraging people to listen and echo the educational ethos of the channel.

The Vsauce Soundtrack Vinyl: A Limited Edition Treasure

Vsauce soundtrack vinyl
Vsauce vinyl

2024 offered Vsauce fans an opportunity to possess a piece of history when Michael Stevens and Jake Chudnow unveiled the iconic Vsauce soundtracks in a limited-edition vinyl record collection. This marked the first-ever physical format release of the music, and it quickly became a sought-after collector’s item.

Sold Out Success: The High Demand for Vsauce Vinyl

The limited number of copies produced led to the Vsauce vinyl becoming an immediate hit, selling out rapidly. Fans clamored for the opportunity to own a tangible part of the brand’s musical heritage, adding emotional value and collectibility to the vinyl, making it a sought-after sign of their dedication.

The preorders concluded on January 31st, 2024, signaling the final chance for fans to secure this collectible, and as of now, the Vsauce vinyl is confirmed to be completely sold out. This overwhelming demand underscores the deep connection fans have with Vsauce and its music, a testament to the impact of Michael Stevens and Jake Chudnow’s work.

The Curiosity Box: Continuing Michael Stevens' Vision

Vsauce’s vision transcends its YouTube channel and music. Its ethos of making science accessible and engaging is also embodied in The Curiosity Box, an extension of Michael Stevens’ vision.

What is The Curiosity Box?

The Curiosity Box offers:

  • A voyage into the intriguing realm of science, where you can discover fascinating concepts
  • Four limited-edition packages each year
  • Unique science toys designed to offer tangible experiences of scientific concepts

Each item in the box comes with exclusive Vsauce video lessons, which subscribers can access through their app. This enhances the interactive learning experience, making each unboxing moment a special event. Additionally, the detailed booklet included in the box further amplifies the experience, providing insights into the contents and their uses.

Each Curiosity Box undergoes a meticulous three-month curation process to ensure the included educational content is thought-provoking and well-crafted. Once a Curiosity Box edition sells out, it is never recreated, making each box a unique and exclusive educational artifact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the Vsauce theme song?

The Vsauce theme song is "130 Moon Men" by Jake Chudnow. It is the instrumental version used in his videos.

Who makes the music for Vsauce?

The music for Vsauce is made by Jake Chudnow, and the iconic soundtrack behind Vsauce videos will now be released in a physical form in a limited-run vinyl record collection.

What was the first ever physical format release of the Vsauce music?

The first ever physical format release of the Vsauce music was a limited edition vinyl record collection.